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What is Health?

We all hear the term “health” banded around in society but what is health? What is it’s true meaning? People have preconceptions as to what health is. A nice slim or muscular body, the absence of a disease, being able to run a marathon, the list is very subjective.

From a functional point of view, the term health describes the full and correct function of all cells and systems in the body and mind. The world health organisation describes it as “A State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Health is not easy to achieve in modern society and it can’t be seen or felt.

Once you understand what true health is, you can then strive towards it. You’ll realise that you can’t exercise away a crap diet or that you can’t have a great diet but have chronic stress in your life and still be “healthy”. The vast majority of the world’s population is not healthy.

Most of us have disease in our lives. If health is the body at “ease”, then disease, “literally, dis-ease” is the opposite. If your cells and systems are not at “ease” or in fully synchronised function, then they are in dis-ease. Long term dis-ease eventually leads to a symptomatic disease that we all know and recognise (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity etc).

Health and disease are like light and dark. Dark can not exist in the presence of light just as disease can not exist in the presence of health. So all you need to do to avoid disease is strive towards health, through the correct diet, exercise and stress levels. But it has to be all 3 to be truly healthy!

75% of all deaths in the west can be attributed to lifestyle (World Health Organisation). You can strive to avoid disease!

  • Avoid processed food, dairy, sugar, potato and grains.

  • Eat wild game and fish and loads of organic fruit and veggies

  • Take supplements to compensate for modern day life (vitamin d, omega 3, probiotics etc.)

  • Reduce toxins in your environment (aluminium, plastic, chemicals)

  • Exercise regularly

  • Practice mindfulness and take time to de-stress.

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The Barefoot Nutrition Team

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