Green & Natural – Barefoot Nutrition

We really wanted to consider every single aspect of making the most thoughtful supplement we could, from ingredients and capsules to packaging, regardless of profit margins.  Our motto soon became "if we can't make it the way we want, we won't make it!". 

We wanted a fantastic, clean supplement with as little impact on the environment as possible.  We have done everything we can to achieve this.  



We always insist on responsibly sourced ingredients which are in their natural, most bioavailable forms, ready to use by the body without needing to convert first.  We design doses aimed to support and balance health in its most basic form: homeostasis at a cellular level.


No Plastic!  We chose glass for our containers to eliminate any risk of BPA / plastic contamination to the contents. Amber in colour to help prevent UV damage and fully recyclable with no contribution to plastic waste.


The vast majority of labels are made with plastic which isn't recyclable or degradable.  To complete our thoughtful approach to our products we've ensured that our labels are 100% compostable.  



We chose capsules over tablets, so we could avoid using artificial fillers and binders. Gelatine capsules were a natural choice but that squeezed out the vegetarians among us.  We weren't keen on HPMC (hypromellose) either unless absolutely necessary so we finally chose a food called Pullulan. It is 100% natural with no synthetic components. It’s made from fermenting vegetable starch with friendly bacteria, which is then water extracted.


Artificial additives

A big part of what inspired us to start up Barefoot Nutrition™ is that it is almost impossible to get supplements without having to consume a variety of artificial added ingredients; anti-caking agents, bulking agents, flow agents, excipients, colours, the list goes on. Of course it’s a lot cheaper to use the artificial stuff but we decided that we didn’t want any of them. We found that rice flour was the only added ingredient we needed to get the supplements to you as naturally as possible...and we’re quite proud of that!

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JECFA 2005