The Barefoot Lifestyle – Barefoot Nutrition

The name barefoot came from us wanting to express our philosophy of bringing human beings back to basics, to their most natural state.

Over 40,000 years ago, in the paleolitheic era, “hunter gatherer” was the natural state for humans, and at this time we were at our healthiest, with virtually no signs of modern day diseases. The only food people had access to back then was wild meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds, with only very limited access to grains. Genetically we are almost identical to our hunter gatherer ancestors but our lifestyles are completely different, to the detriment of our health.

75% of all deaths in the west are attributable to lifestyle (World health organisation).

We recommend:

  • A diet full of organic veg and healthy meat (wild or organic and grass fed) and wild fish.
  • Getting outside in the fresh air and getting plenty of exercise
  • Getting good amounts of sleep at the right times to fit in with our natural circadian rhythm.
  • Avoiding toxins where you can: drinking clean water, avoiding non organic fruit and veg, avoiding processed food and drinks
  • Unplugging from technology a bit more, fostering real human relationships – getting back that sense of community.

Supplementation is not a substitute for a balanced diet and we always recommend getting your nutrients from food wherever possible.  But because nutrient levels are so low in many foods today compared to the wild foods from our past, supplementation is sometimes necessary to get healthful amounts of certain nutrients.

Welcome to the barefoot lifestyle!