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Life Through a Barefoot Lense - Introduction

In this series of blog posts we want to try and summarise the fundamental principles of our Barefoot philosophy (quick clue…’s got nothing to do with feet or shoes).

It’s more about trying to get back to those principles from a health, well being and diet perspective that are part of us as human beings - the fundamentals if you will. Which is kind of ironic as I sit here writing this on some piece of tech to appear on a digital blog connected to other social media platforms.

Why is all this important? Surely our modern environment and way of life is better for us right?

With spiralling health care costs in the US and the U.K. and rapid increases in chronic health conditions affecting more people than ever it seems pretty evident that the answer is no. Just look at some of our hunter gatherer ancestors who were remarkably free from such health conditions and, despite the odd fatal mauling from a sabre tooth tiger, enjoyed good health well into old age remarkably free of chronic disease. We can't blame today's rising health issues on a lack of education either - in this digital age with a wealth of information and government guidance at our finger tips. So what's the reason - bad advice, conflicting information, mis-information, latest trends the fact that the world is a different place today than what it was years ago? Maybe a combination of all of these. So where do the Barefoot Principles come in?

Fundamentally the Barefoot Principles have got everything to do with health - just don’t confuse health with fitness. Whilst the two are related and their paths definitely cross (and the roads may even run parallel in parts) they are not the same. See our previous blog post “What is Health” for more info on that.

So what are the Barefoot Principles?

Seriously - we aren’t going to give the ending away in the first chapter 😀

Suffice to say there is only a handful of them and we will be running you through the first in future blogs.

Welcome to the Health Re-Evolution!

The Barefoot Nutrition Team

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